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Woodbine Townhomes

Woodbine Townhomes



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Woodbine Townhomes

9252 Hazel St, Chilliwack, BC
Call to View: 604-792-8317

Spacious 3-Bedroom, 2-Bath Townhomes for Rent with private backyards and just over four acres of green space to call home!   This community of 61 townhomes are family-owned and operated and include desirable amenities such as gated entrances, family playground, a common laundry room, ample parking, and a resident manager onsite.

Chilliwack is the ideal place to live only 25 minutes from Abbotsford and the International Airport, and it has become a revitalized hub of retail activity with all the shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions in your own backyard.

Your Building Manager.

Steve is the Building Manager at Woodbine Townhomes. He ensures that the complex remains a safe and maintained place to live, that you are proud to call home!

Below is his contact information to get in touch, or for any rental inquiries…..

Telephone: 604-792-8317
Email: [email protected]

Make Woodbine Townhomes your new home.

*Please include your name and phone number and specifics, and we will be happy to contact you with availability and pricing information.

Woodbine Townhomes
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Woodbine Townhomes
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