We care about where YOU live

Who We Are

Who We Are

Ratzlaff & Co. is a real estate investment company originally rooted in architectural design and founded by Dan Ratzlaff in 1971.

We are a second-generation family business, and a trusted leader in the timeless design and solid construction of multi-family home developments.  Operated from our office in Abbotsford, B.C, under the leadership of Carrie (Ratzlaff) Dyck, our core business has shifted to investing and managing purpose-built rental housing with a long-term approach.  The strategic growth of the company, while maintaining excellence in our customer service, and treating our dedicated Team as family, is what drives our vision.  We have always believed in doing things right, so maintaining our properties to a high standard for the enjoyment of each resident, is a consistent focus of what we do.

At Ratzlaff & Co. we strive to make a positive difference every day in our community and the values that guide our daily operations include, Working Hard, Serving Together, Thinking Smart, and Living Fully.

How We Give Back

Contributing to the lives of others is part of who we are and has been passed down from generation to generation.  In 2011 our company organized a RDCares fund

 When you choose to be a resident of one of our homes, you are also helping to make a difference in the lives of people in your neighborhood and around the world. For instance, Ratzlaff & Co. matches the funds raised from recyclables collected at the properties to double the collective contribution with 100% of the funds going to local charities.  

What Do We Accomplish Together?

We are passionate about many local and abroad initiatives that build people up and are helping to change the world in positive ways:

  • Supporting local organizations – in the arts, music, and education fields.
  • Working with local support programs – such as the Abbotsford Police Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters Fraser Valley & Langley Chapters, and Fraser Valley Child Development Centre.
  • Supporting kid’s summer day camp programs in Downtown Langley.
  • Supporting those who need a helping hand during the holidays – such as our annual Christmas Food Bank Drive in every city where we serve.
Giving Back: Our Way of Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

In celebration of 50 Years, we created an in-house challenge this year that will not only benefit the Team members, but also the community that surrounds us.  Each month that we meet our Team goals, we donate an additional $1,000 to a local charity. We are committed to finishing off the year strong and strive for that perfect record in 2021! Click Here for more details and our progress!

Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce our professional Building Management & Office Team…

Building Managers:
Steve Grenier –
Woodbine Townhomes & Broadway Maples (2023)
Jennifer Johnson – Midtown Club Suites (2014)
Roger Moon – Midtown Club Suites (2019)
 – Century Club Suites & Signature Club Suites 
Anto Coric –
Signature Club Suites – Maintenance  (2010)
Ricardo Camacho –
Plaza 200 Apartments (2020)
Manus Lategan  – 
West 56 Apartments & Century Club Suites (2018)
Treasure-Anne Theberge – Creekside Apartments (2020)

Head Office:
Carrie (Ratzlaff) Dyck
Lauren Rassachack (2013)
Shawn Leblanc
Kenda Nault
Marita Wallace (2022)


What is it like living with us?

It’s our mission to make certain that you feel great about living in one of homes.

“We thank Woodbine Townhomes for the good service that was offered by the company and staff. We enjoyed our home here and recommend Woodbine to our friends and family. – Mary & Christopher 

“We appreciate the time that we have been able to call Woodbine Townhomes our home. We will miss the happy faces and friendly wacves that are received on the daily. –Adrienne & Faron

“We have enjoyed living at these residences, and the friendly and courteous assistance whenever we had to call on our manager” – R & R

“One word would be difficult to describe our Manager, but what seems the best is Family – we feel they are and treats us like family. Thank you” – R & M Takaki